Christina Rufin


Christina Rufin has a 21-year practice she began at Sivananda Yoga in NYC where she immersed herself in the teachings of yoga as well as the asana practices, pranayama and meditation. After receiving her 200-hr certification from Aura Yoga, RI, she pursued her goal of reaching communities to whom yoga is not easily accessible and became certified with YogaEd to teach yoga to children and educators. Thereafter, she certified through School for Compassionate Action, 300 hr, where she was trained to teach yoga and meditation to In-Need Communities. She is currently teaching children and at-risk teenagers who inspire her through their playfulness with asanas and their embrace of meditation. She also teaches Seniors who apply the asanas and breathing for optimal health. Christina strives to empower the student to be their own teacher by giving them the space to listen to their own bodies and minds.


Christina “Taran Inder Kaur” Cáceres


Taran Inder Kaur is a vinyasa and kundalini yoga instructor, and a student of tantra yoga, also a mother, nu age/ mantra singer, songwriter, dancer and artist. Christina is an eternal student, loves traveling, collaborating with other musicians and artists, being in the mountains, near the sea as well as walking through a rain forest and getting to know a new city and their people.

She began practicing vinyasa yoga 9 years ago, and quickly fell in love with the graceful and powerful movements which were close too her love of dance. Yoga became a strengthening force in her life and an agent for personal change, igniting the desire to learn more, connect with her soul and teach this ancient high art. Kundalini training followed shortly afterwards which connects to straight to you heart to help one realize their creative potential. Her goal is to help others connect with their inner-self, their creativity, Adi Shakti (primal power), to strengthen their bodies, minds, their auric energy fields and ultimately their health and happiness.

She teaches in Spanish and English. A graduate of the Yoga to the People NYC a Yoga Alliance Certified School with a 200hr teaching certificate and also a 200hr Level One certified kundalini teacher as a certified member of IKYTA the (International Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association). She completed her kundalini teacher training at Kundalini Yoga East NYC. Blessings and gratitude to her teachers, Sat Jivan Kaur, Sat Jivan Singh, Angad, and the guidance of the omnipresent Yogi Bhajan.

A board member of the Shanti Yoga Ashram U.S.A the classical tantra program under the direction of Guru Yogi Prakash from Nepal. Co founder/director of Yoga of the Light studio, teaching kundalini & vinyasa yoga classes, workshops, retreats here in New York and around the world, spreading the light of yoga. Ang Sang Wahe Guru -”With every limb, every part of me, I belong to the Divine.” Om Namah Shivay Om Sri Chakra Vasinyai Namaha, Om Sri Lalitambikayai Namaha Om and Salutations to she who provides abundance Satnam


Akiko Nishijima


Certification : Yoga Alliance 200hr at YogaWorks, 500hr ISHTA Yoga, Prenatal Yoga TT with Janice Clarfield, Yin Yoga TT with Corina Benner, Restorative Yoga & Yoga Nidra TT with Mona Anand, Kids Yoga TT at Hosh Yoga

Akiko’s first yoga class was taught by her Spanish choreographer when she was a dancer in Japan and France. She was amazed by how yoga can open up whole body in all direction Akiko became a certified Yoga teacher and began teaching in 2007. But it was after 2011, the year of which deadly earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear power plant catastrophe hit her home country, that she realized the real meaning of Yoga. After many months of healing process, Akiko feels happy and fortunate just being alive, just being with her son, just practicing and teaching Yoga.


Nayobi  Perdomo


Nayobi Perdomo is a, RYT-200, Spanish bilingual Vinyasa teacher, with additional certification in Kids Yoga and Chair yoga. She takes a personal and individualized approach to teaching yoga, influenced by her own experience as a practitioner of Vinyasa Yoga. Nayobi’s classes emphasize strengthening the basic fundamentals of yoga through alignment and a steady connection to the breath, therefore, enhancing ones personal practice and self-awareness. Nayobi aspires to help people improve their health and achieve a better quality of life. She believes that everyone, no matter what age, can benefit from the effects of yoga.


Derrick Little


Derrick Little Kundalini Yogi, a visual artist, a sacred sound practitioner and spiritual warrior dedicated to serving as a friend, teacher and brother to all.

When not painting, making music or mentoring teenagers, he studies many esoteric traditions including symbolism, tarot, palmistry and mandala art. Derrick also has a keen interest in the teachings of Jesus Christ as interpreted by the late Edgar Cayce.

Derrick began what would become a lifelong experience of yoga in 1996 with a teacher named Suresh Bonjoli in Rishikesh, India.

Derrick’s study and practice of Kundalini Yoga began in 2001 with Sat Jivan Singh and Sat Jivan Kaur Khalsa at Kundalini Yoga East in NYC. 

He has attended and participated in white tantric gatherings at the solstices in both New York and New Mexico with 3HO.

He remains a student of Kundalini Yoga to this day as he maintains a daily sadhana and shares the teachings and wisdom of the practice as taught by Yogi Bhajan, Ph.D..


David Silverberg

David S.

“I first came to yoga to help me with anxiety and depression. It worked. I started teaching full-time in 2010, and this is the only real job I’ve ever had. I did my 500 hour training at ISHTA Yoga, and will always be eternally grateful to Alan Finger and Jean Koerner for helping me find my passion. I mostly study now in the lineage of T.Krishnamacharya, widely considered one of the pillars of modern yoga, and his son TKV Desikachar. I firmly believe in helping students develop personal practices around their specific needs. Without a why, a how doesn’t matter.
In 2015, after more than a decade of immersion as a practitioner, I began studying at Columbia University in order to learn Sanskrit and give myself a more panoramic view of physical and contemplative practices from the Indian subcontinent. I know I love Yoga, but I also didn’t invent it. How did it get to me? My research interests focus on complicating linear narratives, and the interaction between thought and practice.
In 2015 I also began a pilot program with Fountain House, one of the nation’s largest mental-health organizations, to study the effects of Yoga on managing symptoms of schizophrenia. I really like it.
In 2016 I became the co-director of the Dou Yoga 200-hour training in Clinton Hill. It’s great!”


Rev. Lucy Lila Nelson


I like to facilitate transformation. As a Mind-Body-Spirit Wellness Teacher, I am nurturing, conscientious and trustworthy. I inspire non-judgment, right effort and mindfulness.

My format is Relaxing and energizing traditional Level I&II Hatha Yoga with a multi-level format which includes asanas (physical postures), pranayama (breathing practices), guided meditation, deep relaxation and stress reduction technique.


Sherri Yamafuji

Shieri Yamafuji is a professional dancer and certified Yoga/Pilates instructor having completed her 200 hour teacher training at Dou Yoga and holds a certification in Restorative Yoga from ISHTA. She has experience teaching both group and private classes and has led numerous workshops in Japan. She is passionate about health and fitness and helping people attain their physical and mental goals.


Yaprak Buyukteoman

New York based RYT 500 and KRI certified teacher experienced in Hatha and Kundalini Yoga.

Yaprak started practicing yoga in 1999 at Kaivalya Yoga Ashram in Istanbul and became a dedicated student applying asana, pranayama, and meditation techniques in her daily life. 

Yaprak has been teaching yoga and meditation in Turkey, Itay and USA since 2010 in various studios. Her main focus is opening a physically and mentally safe space for students where they can experiment, observe their patterns and have fun.

She holds a Master of Science degree in design from Politecnico di Milano University of Italy, and she conducted research about collaborative creativity and movement as a visiting scholar at Parsons Design School in New York. 

She’s completed Hari Kaur Khalsa’s Kundalini Yoga teacher training in New York and Kia Miller’s advanced Radiant Body Yoga training in Los Angeles and Rishikesh. Yaprak is also a student of other somatic disciplines such as Laban Movement Analysis, Bartenieff Fundamentals and Alexander Technique, expanding her understanding of the human body, movement and its effects on cognition.


Shawn Garnier

Shawn Garnier is thrilled to be on staff with AllYogaNyc. Shawn is originally from Colorado, and discovered gymnastics and dance at a young age. While in high school, he was a three-time state champion, as well as an All-American in gymnastics. From there, went on to a 16-year professional dance career that included 3 world tours, working off-Broadway with John Seylas (ABT), WNBA Liberty, and Broadway with the Radio City Rockettes. After retirement from the stage Shawn returned to school and received his MFA in choreography with honors from the Conservatory of Dance, Purchase College. He is faculty at three area colleges.

Shawn discovered yoga at AllYogaNYC and has not turned back. He completed his 200 hr Contemplative Yoga Training under the precise and highly qualified guidance of Christina Rufin and Casey Beauchamp. He is excited that his journey has brought him to a yoga practice that he wants to share with others. The importance of an open mind, the correct alignment and synchronized breath in his teaching are essential parts of his focus in yoga. He is excited to embark on this yogic journey with you and discover new pathways.


Amanda Young

Amanda originally started practicing yoga while growing up in Long Island, NY in order to help with chronic anxiety and depression. In recent years, while working as an account supervisor in the pharmaceutical advertising field, she sought out reconnection with yogic practice in order to balance her experience in the often-stressful corporate world. She is proud to be a graduate of the 200 hour RYT Contemplative Teacher Training program at All Yoga NYC, under the keen mentorship of Casey Beauchamp and Christina Rufin.

Her teaching focus is on inclusivity and accessibility of meditation and yoga for aspiring students of all ages, body types, and pre-existing physical injuries. She brings a calming, gentle quality to her teaching and a little bit of humor for good measure. Everyone has the tools to unlock the mind, body, and breath connection. It’s just a matter of finding those tools within ourselves. She is thrilled to share her yoga journey with the Ridgewood community.


Djuna Passman

Djuna’s aversion to yoga quickly dissipated after she discovered the strong physical, emotional, and spiritual effects of a daily practice during a time of personal upheaval. A life long love of moving and firm belief in the healing that comes from developing and deepening the mind-body connection have led her to successful careers as a dancer, choreographer, and dance/movement therapist. Feeling a strong desire to share the wonders of yoga with others she received her yoga certification through mang’Oh as part of their inaugural teacher training in 2011. Blending extensive knowledge of the body with choreographic skills and the ability to create and hold a safe space for self-exploration and play, Djuna aims to challenge and inspire her students. For more information or to say hi, visit:


Polina Kalyuzhina

A 500-hour RYT certified teacher, Polina has studied studied yoga around the world – from India to California to her current home in New York City. Her unique style of teaching incorporates elements of Vinyasa and Kundalini with meditation, mantra and kriya. She believes in the power of yoga to help us realize our fullest potential as human beings and create the lives we want.

Through her approach as an attuned and compassionate teacher, Polina creates space for students at all levels to build a personal yoga practice that helps them experience a healthier and happier life.


Katherine Phipps

Katherine is a photographer who started her yoga journey in 2013. After a summer of finding solace in yoga classes at the gym in her hometown in Indiana, she moved to Brooklyn to pursue a fine art degree and discovered that there was great depths to be explored in her body, mind and spirit through a study and practice of yoga and meditation.  In a leap of faith and love of the practice, she completed the Contemplative Teacher Training at AllYogaNYC in spring 2017 with Casey Beachamp and Christina Rufin and is deeply grateful for the community she found here. She believes that the ancient art of yoga is the path to transformation, peace and freedom for herself and the world, and is grateful for every opportunity to share the practices and what she’s learned on her journey with others.


Eve Marie Mugar

Eve Marie Mugar is a relentless truth seeker with a passion for heart-centered living, boundless creative expression, and reminding herself and others of the magic inherent in existence. An actress for most of her life, Eve shifted her focus to her long time love of Spirituality and Yoga after taking her Yoga Teacher Training at Kripalu Center where she returned soon after to live for a year as the intern for the School of Yoga. Eve is a 200 hour trained Kripalu Yoga Teacher, Yin Yoga Teacher, and Yoga Nidra Guide, and is currently enrolled in Kripalu’s 300 hour training. Eve’s wish for her students is that they leave her class with a deep connection to their heart, a vibrant clarity in their mind, and a joyful freedom in their body.