Vinyasa is open to a more intermediate level and to all bodies. This class will focus on the Vinyasa practice of linking breath and movement while flowing from one pose to the next. We will get to know our own unique body through a physical flow. A great space for intermediates to learn technique, along with modifications, and for seasoned practitioners to challenge themselves as we focus on strength & energy combined with balance & mindfulness. Be prepared for a grounding yet energetic practice that challenges both the mind and body.


This class will focus on the building blocks of Vinyasa Yoga: linking breath with continuous, flowing movement. A great class for beginners or intermediate students looking to go back to the basics, we will breakdown poses, and learn correct alignment and breathing cues so that students become more confident in continuous movement and in modifying poses for personal practice. Pranayama to begin, an energetic flow practice in the middle, and restorative, calming techniques to wind down at the end of the day.


This class will clear, nourish and boost your day/evening. All levels welcome, however, be ready to be challenged in an unusual way. Bring your curiosity and sense of humor with you. Let’s have fun!


A slow flow class utilizing breath work and meditation. Props and modifications will be offered allowing students of all capabilities to practice to the fullest. This class is ideal for those recovering from injuries or dealing with chronic pain.


A very beginner yoga class to learn the fundamentals of breath and poses/asanas, as well as the philosophy behind yoga.

GENTLE YOGA (Beginner Friendly)

A slow flow class utilizing breath work and meditation. Props and modifications will be offered allowing students of all capabilities to practice to the fullest. This class is ideal for older adults and those recovering from injuries or dealing with chronic pain.


Stretching the body at the end of your week-end to allow the fascia tissue to lengthen, followed by a series of restorative poses to allow yourself to restore body and mind, preparing for the week ahead.


Morning practice dedicated to building internal heat, increased stamina, strength and flexibility.

Take a yogic journey supported by breath awareness, centering, warm-ups, a flowing asana practice and experience a profound energetic connection.

Strenghten your body and renew your mind. Start the morning with this nourishing flow of hatha flow elements.


Kundalini yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan works with meditation, mantra, mudra, asana and pranayama. Kryias will take you through breath work (breath of fire), poses held or repeated for a while, chanting and meditation.

We practice simple poses that can be quite challenging, just as life is!


In this class, poses are introduced more individually with the focus on alignment. Students are encouraged to observe their own habitual patterns and alignments. Akiko’s class is strongly influenced by her teacher Genny Kapuler, a renowned Iyengar Yoga teacher. Simple breath works are also introduced in the poses.

KIDS YOGA (4 – 6)

Yoga through play will encourage self-expression and social skills in your kids. The kids will strengthen their bodies as they learn how to focus through breathing and relaxation techniques. Music, drawing and story telling will be included.

KIDS YOGA (7 – 10)

In this class, kids will improve their strength and flexibility through playful but challenging poses, along with partner poses and yoga games. Focus is emphasized. Breathing exercises and visualization are included.


The trainees from the Contemplative Teacher Training at All Yoga will be teaching the next community classes. Come learn with them. Class by donation.


Dance dance dance! Bring dance, joy and movement to your yoga and meditation.

MEDITATIVE FLOW (Beginner Friendly)

The focus of this class is the integration of: asana (poses), pranayama (breathing) and dhyana (meditation).

In this class we will practice the same basic sequence of yoga poses in every class. It is through the repetition of a practice that we begin to appreciate the subtitles of our experience. In the beginning we learn the poses and transitions between the poses. Once we understand the poses and the transitions we can turn our attention to the breath. As we practice synchronizing our breath with the movements and stillness of the flowing sequence we engage with the flow as a breathing practice. Eventually through repetition and letting go into the flow itself the practice becomes a moving meditation. It is through repeated practice of a form and letting go into that form that we arrive at a place of meditation.


Suitable for those who want a slower, deeper practice with a focus on the connective tissue in the joints: shoulders, knees, hips. Especially if you have a Yang physical practice from lifting weights, sports, Power yoga, Yin yoga will work on the connective tissue that doesn’t often get stretched in Yang practices. The class starts with a few short Yin poses of the theme of the day, where students can access the qualities of energy in each pose. The class proceeds with a flow sequence to warm up the body and then deeper Yin poses where each position is held for a few minutes or longer so that the practice goes deep into your connective tissue and deep in your joints to provide relief and healing. *Suitable for beginners & seasoned practitioners


After an introduction, Chris DiMeglio will lead a 20-minute guided meditation, followed by a Dharma talk and then open the floor to discussion and/or questions. All are welcome!