“I originally came to yoga looking for a way to reduce stress and anxiety, and better improve my overall physical wellness. I dabbled in yoga for a few years on and off, but didn’t truly engage with it on a deep enough level to fully feel it’s effects. When I initially signed up for All Yoga NYC’s Contemplative Teacher Training program, I wasn’t quite sure I actually wanted to be a yoga teacher. But soon enough, something about this incredible program transformed me completely from a cautious observer to a fully-immersed yogi. Almost instantly, I was inspired to hone my skills so that I could share this practice with others in the best way possible. Christina and Casey are patient, disciplined, and infinitely knowledgeable. Their energetic efforts in this program make it a life-changing experience. The excitement I felt learning from them is how I wish I felt about learning in college. Thanks to them, not only do I have the skills to share yogic practice with others, but yoga and meditation have become a fixture in my day to day life.”

Amanda – graduate TT 2017 .


“I first would like to start by saying, Casey and Christina are kind, wonderful, patient yoga teachers and for that I am deeply grateful. Yoga is a path of radical self transformation and with their guidance over the course of 15 weeks in the Contemplative Teacher Training at Allyoga I can honestly say I feel I was  transformed. I was transformed from a person who loved and appreciated yoga to someone who understands the depth, gravity, and significance of the practice. The powerful self growth that occurred– though it was not an easy experience by any means– during the program continues to amaze me as beyond learning how to teach a yoga class safely, effectively, and confidently I learned how to be safe, effective, and confident as a person in my everyday life. When I say not easy I mean NOT EASY: the schedule is rigorous, the amount of material to learn is vast, and I experienced huge emotional ups and downs throughout. In all of this, I was still engaging directly with the practices, in fact in almost every moment. It was as it should be, and I think every person will experience a training differently as we begin to open our hearts and minds. There was so much authentic knowledge  shared across topics such as alignment, anatomy, meditation, yogic philosophy, and teaching techniques that I feel grounded in my practice to share what I learned, and also have a full set of tools to continue these studies for the rest of my life. Lastly, the warm, supportive, intimate nature of both the training program and also the Allyoga community provided a safe space to fully dive in to explore all of this. Even if you don’t feel prepared (I certainly wasn’t!!), or like you can even do it at all, this is my advice: if you have ever had the impulse to do a teacher training, DO IT. Dive in and discover true peace and freedom because yoga is the key.”

– Katherine – graduate TT 2017


“So I loved my experience at AllYogaNYC teacher training. The approach was from the Yoga Sutras and the Bhagavad Gita. This is stemming from where it came from rather than the western approach which I believe has watered down the true practice of yoga to fit into the gyms and athletic centers. Not that that is bad, but there is a deeper rooted meaning. I think this approach better serves the community because it offers calming meditation, a physical practice that is accessible to everyone no matter what there physical abilities are, and a spiritual journey that so many people are searching for when they are oppressed. The time commitment is real. It requires studying. I found you will get more out of it the more you study and follow the guidelines of the syllabus. I often found myself searching for more. It really scratches the surface of the true concepts of yoga. The language was also tough at first, because it is completely foreign and there is no link between our language and Sanskrit. Once I let go of that it became easier. Also flash cards were an immense help. It deepened my practice, made me more aware of the mind, body, breath ideal. and made me live more in the moment rather than inside my head. I felt prepared with teaching because the course slowly eases you into teaching by a lot of practice and break downs of the asanas, corrections, modifications. and adjustments. If you are ready to grow…go for it! It changed my life. Hope this helps you with your choices.”

Shawn – graduate 2017

“I was inspired by the progress of my fellow teacher-trainees and my own. I saw how practices deepened. Their commitments and perseverance inspired me. I was inspired by the people I met while carrying out my karma yoga service. One in particular was looking for a way to quiet his active mind. We talked several times and laughed about how funny pet animals can be. Once I offered him a mediation and saw how he overcame bad self-talk to get himself ready to begin practicing meditation. I was inspired by my own efforts. I set a goal and saw it through. About my teachers: I appreciate the knowledge and wisdom which my teachers shared with me. I appreciate their efforts and their understanding of yoga. I appreciate that they cared about us as a group. 

For support, I always knew that I could ask for help if I needed it. I appreciate the encouragement of my teachers and my fellow teacher-trainees.

[I now know about yoga that] It’s more than touching your toes.”

Matt – graduate TT 2019


“It has been life transforming to have participated in the TT at All Yoga the winter of 2019. I have opened a major door in my life and now I see there are many more doors on this journey that I will be able to open. I am humbled in my newly acquired understanding of how challenging and complex yoga teaching truly is. I am overjoyed and honored to find myself in the position to serve through teaching. I am thankful to Christina for continually honing in on the reality that teaching is a service. It is through this that I have garnered a greater desire to take on being a teacher. It has helped me find purpose in teaching.  

I appreciated having 3 professional yoginis to learn from who each exhibited their own personal styles of teaching, bringing their unique experiences, expertise, and practices to the forefront of learning. They all exhibited knowledge, care in their craft, and enthusiasm towards being our teachers. While at times the information being taught did not perfectly align between teachers,  it was not too confusing for me to navigate as I understand that there is a flux within knowledge universally.  The teachers also honestly confronted variances in information among themselves while in the classroom which again made it so apparent that even as teachers we are always learning. I appreciated the realness in the communal discovery process and figure this won’t be the last of it on my journey elsewhere.”

Katherine – graduate TT 2019


“What an incredible journey this has been. My intention at the beginning of this training was to discover yoga, discover myself, find balance in my life. I certainly started to find peace, inner strength, a wonderful community of support, but started to discover so much more than I had asked for. This is only the beginning and I know I am now inspired more than ever to continue to explore more. As a wise teacher (Lila) once said, once your heart is open you don’t want to go back to sleep 🙂   

I have been able to deepen my personal practice, find my dosha balancing practice, learn so much more about foundation of poses, about the anatomy of the body. How to protect my body and alignment by coming into a pose, while in a pose and how to transition from one pose to the next. The importance of the connection between asana and breathing and how they all interconnect with the mind. 

My support community has inspired me throughout this journey. I think what I craved the most ( as a busy new Yorker) was a community. Being a part of a group that hears me out, shares the same passions and experiences with me and we are all working towards a common goal. That’s what I found here. From my thoughtful teachers to my fellow TT’s. I find it that it was so beneficial to be part of a smaller group and share practice, notes, etc…”

Raha – graduate 2019

YIN YOGA Teacher Training Testimonials:

“I liked the experiential side of the training. I liked how the trainers met everyone where they were. Even thou we were all with different expectations or mind sets, the trainers knew how to bring a common ground for everyone. Creating a safe space to explore and an open and respectful attitude towards everyone.

I felt very supported, not only by the trainers but by the group of students as well.

I used to associated Yin Yoga with restorative yoga. Now I know it has nothing to do with restorative yoga.

My Yin practice provides a medium for meditation and mindfulness that deepens my connection to Self.”

Paula – graduate 2019

“The teachers, other students and material inspired me. Basically everything. Each student came with their set of expectations and issues and each was addressed delicately and precisely. The teachers inspired trust and fostered it in ourselves and with each other. We were encouraged to ask questions and to share our experience.

The books were perfectly clear but the hand outs were the most inspiring.

I learned more than expected! More about the meridians and Jing energy, mudras, history, pranayama.”

Christina – graduate 2019